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     Since my master degree in Design Arts at the Toulouse Beaux-Arts (Academy of Fine Arts), I’ve collected signs, numbers and letters of all styles, shapes, materials, sources while having a predilection for old shopfront sign, so I organised their recycling.

     My small company «Marie Coudert» has existed since January 2008 (10 years already!). I recover signs throughout paris and its suburbs, always riding my bicycle (now with electric assistance) and its trailer (now in aluminium).

    I provide antique dealers, decorators and signs lovers all around France and abroad. I also deal in old furnitures, junk things, vintage pieces and other things that I deem interesting to recover whenever I find signs , small moulds in a butcher shop, embroidered cotton sheets in some hotel, laboratory glassware from a foundry...

      I am also author of the book «Industrie chic» (cross stitch) edited by marabout.


old shopfront signs and brocante

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